Tough Summer…

The one thing that even high-functioning autistic (Asperger’s) kids need is routine. Unfortunately, summer sucks for that. Nothing is the same for them. Their normal routines are shot. Even for homeschooled ones like PanKwake. Which, of course, means one thing…more meltdowns.

This summer was no exception between….

  • the brother, who teaches in China, visiting for a whole month, which meant not even the refuge of her home was the same….
  • friends, who attend school suddenly wanting to spend more time with her…
  • so many activities…
  • even the hot, sunny weather that was a blessed break from the normally gloom London rain, cool and fog.

It was all just a bit overwhelming. But we survived…and considering where PanKwake was a couple of years ago, I think we did remarkably well. Some days really stand out like…

  • going to a fete in a local park with one of her best friends…and NOT┬ábeing the one who sent us into panic when she wandered off.
  • just ┬áthe fact that she has managed to keep not one but TWO friends for months now…who would have imagined such a thing a year or two ago?
  • REAL Wonder Womanheck, we went to Comic Con…can you believe it? Hundreds of people, mostly adults, all kinds of ‘things’ she wanted, bright florescent lights, and constant noise that sounded like a beehive! And she found her zone…playing Minecraft on a computer for the first time. We bought one stuffed toy and had to get a pizza for her afterwards…walked a bit to find the only kind she will eat of course. Oh, and had a bit of buggy trouble when elevators broke down. I really earned my Wonder Woman stripes that day.
  • but by far the BEST was going to Legoland with her brother, the day before he went back to China. All day…and it was a typical rainy British one…and not a meltdown out of her (brother had a couple of minor ones…not easy having a sibling with special needs, even when you are an adult).

So all in all…well done to PanKwake. Mommy is so proud of the young woman you are becoming. I can’t wait until next summer…think we will be up to an RV tour of America with your friends?


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