Gonna Show My Crazy…

Sorry that I have not been around much these past few days. I have been intensely busy. My son that teaches in China is home for a month holiday, which of course throws PanKwake’s routine off. So I am dealing with all that…plus trying to finish up that novella for the anthology…and clean the house.

But I took a break on Friday to do something ‘different.’ I took PanKwake to Comic Con. Yes, I was crazy enough to take a nine year old Aspie little girl to a convention of sci-fi fans. And you know what? She loved it. Hell, probably half the people there were on the spectrum somewhere. I swear geeks are going to rule the world in a few years.

In fact, one of my wildest theories of Asperger’s/autism is that it is actually a Darwinian evolutionary jump of the human species. I teach PanKwake that she is a super hero, like Jean Grey of X-Men fame. That her brain simply works different. That we need to train it the way that Professor Xavier did Jean’s. That she is in fact as Magneto says…the next jump in human evolution.

And before you think I am completely crazy…consider the world in which we live. Society, its structures and rules are archaic. We live in world that continues to be ruled by Industrial Age conventions such as time clocks, offices and corporations that use and abuse their workers. We have and continue to destroy our planet, raping her of the precious resources we need to survive. We continue to let petty squabbles and differences divide us into religions, factions and nations that are at times more arbitrary than real.

Worst of all, we have a hundred years of psychiatry, psychology and child development research that shows us what it takes to create happy, healthy and emotional functional adults. Yet we insist upon repeating the mistakes of the past. Doing to our children what our parents did to us. All in the name of perpetuating those screwed up societies.

BUT our kids see through all that. They refuse to follow rules that do not make sense anymore. And they have the guts we lack to say…NO. They have meltdowns rather than tolerate stupid rules. They tell the truth…all the time…even when we would use little white lies. They refuse to be broken and re-molded into something that is no longer useful.

HeroesThat makes them TRUE super heroes in my book. And us? Their parents? Maybe instead of trying to force them into those molds of what society and other people think they ought to be…we too need to say…NO! Or better yet as PanKwake coined…Asperger’s: Deal Wif It.

Oh, did I mention that I went as Wonder Woman? Yes, that is right. I even was crazy enough to sew a costume (except for the red corset top and socks that is) and get on the London Underground dressed as the 70s iconic female super hero. By the end of that day, I felt like I had earned it too. Managing my princess and the Tube?!?!

Like the meme that inspired this latest craziness says…She needed a hero. So she became one.


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