Awareness & Acceptance – Why I Light It Up Blue AND Gold

Thank you for this amazing insight. As the Mom of an amazing Aspie girl, I struggle with those words…awareness and acceptance. Your blog today really helped to place it all in perspective. You are right…we should never stop just at awareness, but without that awareness then the acceptance that I crave for PanKwake will never be possible. Thank you for being another brave soul out to educate the world about life on this beautiful, rainbow spectrum of Aspie/autism.

Naming The Stars

People are often surprised about my openness about being an Aspergirl. When I openly state it during a fairly random conversation (in my typically and ever-accidentally blunt Aspergirl way, never really quite realising what a bomb I dropping until it lands), people tend to go through a number of stages.

First is denial. “But you seem so NORMAL!” or “But you cope so WELL!” or “Well, I would never have known!”. This is my most hated stage of the process. It is a whole other blog post to do it justice, but truly, if you lived inside my head for a single day, you would know how much it costs and how hard I have to constantly work to keep that “normal” mask jammed firmly in place in public. You would realise that mentally I have to run up and down a mountain just to keep metaphorically standing still, and…

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