Happy Father’s Day

Being a parent is the toughest job out there, whether that be mother or father. But being the parent of a special needs child such PanKwake’s Asperger’s/autism, well, that comes with challenges all its own. So today, Father’s Day, a big shout out to all the amazing Dad’s out there dealing with those challenges…

I forgot one...who go on crazy rides like this one because of high proprioceptive needs.
I forgot one…who go on crazy rides like this one because of high proprioceptive needs.

Dad’s who…

  • Goes to half a dozen stores to find that certain food that is all their child will eat just then (and you thought the cravings ended when they were born).
  • Attends all those damned appointments with ‘experts’ that have no idea what life with a child on the spectrum is REALLY like. Kudos for sitting there calmly and not knocking the arrogant, condescending smile off their faces. And applause if you do.
  • Runs after them when they elope. Look on the plus side, saves on gym membership.
  • Spends more hours in the day playing at the park than sitting behind a desk.
  • Comes home from a hard day at the office to give your partner a break from the little ‘angel’ after an even harder day on the home front.
  • Is the go-to in-house techie expert that prevents so many meltdowns when the laptop, iPad, TV or whatever else just won’t do what they think it should.
  • Most especially huge thanks to those Dad’s with broad shoulders that are always wet with our tears on THOSE days.

Goddess bless and keep you all this Father’s Day and all year long.


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