My Best Birthday Prezzie…

Last Friday was my 50th birthday. And one of the hardest parts of raising an autistic/Aspie child is dealing with special events like holidays and birthdays. Such things are always challenging…too loud, too smelly, too bright, too many people. And that is for us ‘normal’ people. For those on the spectrum…I cannot even begin to imagine. So what is a Mom to do? A 50th b-day is a truly once in a lifetime celebration. There were friends I had not seen in…forever. And my other daughter who wanted to celebrate as well. So we went with having a BBQ at ours. In fact it turned into four days of stress…

How many 50 year old Moms do this?
How many 50 year old Moms do this?

Friday was my actual birthday and we went to the London Zoo…and she did beautifully. No meltdowns at all. Oh…and at 50 I did something that mothers half my age don’t/won’t…I crawled through the tunnels at the meerkat exhibit with PanKwake.

But what I am most excited about is her birthday present to me. Saturday was that BBQ…and she told me that morning that her present for me was that she was going to try her best not to have meltdown…or if she did then to keep it short. And you know what…she DID it. Not the first…but two very short (10 to 15 minutes) ones. I am so happy. It truly was the best birthday present because 1) she knew how much it would mean to me and 2) she really did do her best.

Of course…there was a price to pay…but that is another blog. For today, I am just going to enjoy the afterglow.


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